IDF M50 Isherman by: Dan - "boybuddho

This kit went together without problems. I covered the gun mantlet and spotlight with tissue and white glue
After all the basic details were added, I sprayed the entire model dark olive as a base coat. Rolled up tissue and white glue was used to make sleeping bags on the rear shelf. The figure is made up of a Verlinden head and DML IDF paratrooper body.

The photo to the left shows the final coat of armor sand, spraying light coats to allow the base coat to show through in seams and corners. I used Polly-S acrylic paint for everything.  The bogies were painted separately then installed to the hull. Heavy weathering with black/brown washes followed by drybrushing with earth/tan finished the wheels. The individual tracks were assembled in links of required length, painted and installed. The tracks were painted black,the teeth and edges  drybrushed with silver then washed with brown, and final overall drybrushing with white/sand. Fuel cans, extra bogies, and a tissue tarp on the rear shelf were added
The finished product. Another figure, part DML and Tamiya, was added. The markings were handpainted and more weathering was added with washes ( diluted brown and black ),and drybrushed highlights ( armor sand mixed with white ).