How to paint the Camo?
By: Wallis Mayes

I have been ask by a few modelers at the local modeling club. How I do my camo smocks on my figures . Here is the technique I have shown them.

I will show you how I do the Waffen SS Type 1 m38 plane tree smock.

Step 1.
We have the base coat depending on the type of year you are doing. I am using a flat brown.

Step 2.
Here you will do a series of irregular shapes. You do not have to do the same shape, make some large and small shapes. The color I've used is black green.

Step 3.
At this point you want to do a some dots, the dots can be either normal dots or irregular dots. No two smocks are the same. The color I've used is black green.

Step 4.
Here we are adding the lighter shade of green to the inside of the irregular shapes. You will need to leave a slight edge of the under color showing. The color I've used is testors OD. Green

Step 5.
You will do the same as in step 3. adding the light green dots. Also add some of the dark green to the lighter green patches in step 4. The dark green will break-up the light green color.

After the camo smock or pants have dried, apply a wash of burnt umber or raw umber oils paints. This will blend the colors all together. So far this is the easiest method I have found in painting of the smocks.

If any one has any questions feel free to ask. I will be glad to help in way I can. Forgive the picture at the moment, I do not have any figures to paint.

To continue, here we are looking at the Pea pattern camo.

Step 1.
I mixed up some Tamiya Dark Yellow (70%) with Tamiya Khaki (30%) and cut this mix with 50% isopropyl alcohol. This will be your base color.

Step 2.
I started out by laying in the irregular shapes using tamiya buff and other irregular shapes in Tamiya dark green keeping as close to the reference photograph as possible. The Dark green could also be substituted for Chocolate Brown as several colour patterns existed at the time.

Step 3.
Now to placing the dots. With a well pointed brush, I dipped my brush in the tamiya buff and placed small dots on all the dark patch areas of Dark Green and on the Tamiya base of Khaki/Yellow mix - but not on the Sand patches. Now proceed to do same using the Dark Green and placed dots on the Khaki /Yellow base and on the Sand patches - but not on the green patches.
Switch colours and apply Tamiya Khaki/Yellow mix dots on the buff and dark patch areas. You get the idea - very similar to laying in camouflage patterns on German armour. Do not worry about overlapping dots on dots - this is quite desirable.

Step 4.
Completed pattern.

AS you can see doing camo patterns is very easy, just need to have time and above all have fun while doing it.